Based out of Phoenix, Arizona; the Driftwood Quintet is a chamber group that is dedicated to crossing genres and bending boundaries in classical music. Through the work of Driftwood's arrangers, a performance can feature everything from orchestral masterworks and piano pieces to the imaginative soundtracks from the greatest video game and film composers. As tireless collaborators, Driftwood also seeks to create memorable experiences through collaborations with artists from a variety of disciplines, ranging from jazz musicians and singer/song-writers to dancers and visual artists.  

Driftwood also exemplifies its dedication to chamber music through educational outreach. As educators, the Driftwood team engages youth through interactive performances that integrate music with a variety of different disciplines such as language arts, science, history, and visual art. Members of the Driftwood Quintet are also active music educators in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Three of its five members are currently working in underprivileged communities and developing elementary and middle schools to improve the quality of public music education and foster lifelong musical literacy.


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